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a little poetry

February 6, 2010

        Have you
     Seen what I’m
  Looking for? I had it
It right here just a minute
  Ago.  I lost it in a sea of purple
     Orchids, petals unfurled in fluttering
        Sunlight, waving me over like a forgotten
            Friend whose perfume I remember, but whose
         Face I can’t place.  I only hovered there a
      Moment, loveliness cresting up over
   Me like water, my chest tight
Between protruding bones.
   I was thinking of you
      When it fell from
            My sleeve


Strained cotton,

fingers bleeding,

turning, picking,

aching, knitting

plucking up purls

too quickly, too quick;

don’t close your eyes

you’ll drop a stitch

and nothing

will ever

be the same.


But, the flaw you leave?

Oh, that will be your own.

And you will live it,

possessed like a devil,

crafting lies and alibis,

chasing every rabbit

through that hole,

like a woman on fire

skin peeled back,

Snow White pearls

left intact.


There are remedies

for these exquisite tragedies;

but, what a bother.

Faster is better. More fiber resolves.

So your scritch scratch needles

play records of regret

that seep through the gap

that you left when you left.


And you still can’t stop

the bizarre metamorphosis.

You cast on your hair and arteries

to the cocoon that’s made of misery

but everyone will still

see your





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  1. pen2sword permalink
    March 3, 2010 9:53 am

    Cool! I love the heart-shaped one. I loved the way the sentences cut off and ran into each other at the same time. Very good.

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