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Winning the Leftover Lotto

November 18, 2009


Leftovers.  Meh.

I hate leftovers for the most part.  I hate having a little of this and a handful of that and not enough of anything to make an actual dish … for the most part. 

BUT ~ there are few throw-together dishes I love more than Leftover Pizza. 

You can make it from anything and everything.

The crust might be:  a tortilla, a pita, a split baguette, a can of biscuits, or a slice of white bread

The sauce could be:  alfredo, marinara, barbecue sauce, salsa, green pepper relish, ketchup? … maybe not

Everybody has some kind of cheese – and you get the point – Leftover Pizza is only limited by how much stuff you want to drag out of the fridge.  Go look right now.  I bet you can find five or six items that you could throw together that you will probably like better than any pizza you could order from the professionals.

Check out my Leftover Pizza from last night:

Crust:  Pillsbury Crescent Rolls (GAWD – I love those things)

Sauce:  Spicy Barbecue sauce

Toppings:  diced chicken breast, sliced baby bellas, chopped green onions, a few slivers of prosciutto

Cheese:  brie – sliced and flattened

Seems like a lame thing to blog about, but I swear, it was so good, I couldn’t stop eating it.  Of the meals I’ve made in the last ten days that were planned from beginning to end, this was my favorite.  Take a chance and see what you can come up with.  Be sure to give me your recipe in the comments section – I might want to give your recipe a try!!!

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