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We Got “Boo’d” (and we liked it)

October 30, 2009

jen's treat bags


We got “Boo’d!” 

Never done it?  I’ll help you get started!

  1. Create a basket or bag of goodies
  2. Print a Boo-gram  and these directions (be sure to say that the Boo-gram goes on the front door or window so other’s will know not to hit them again)
  3. Make the drop
  4. Ring the doorbell
  5. RUN!!!

It’s a great Halloween tradition and if you have kids, it will become one of their favorites!  There’s nothing like “ringing & running” with parental approval!  Over the years, we’ve delivered yummy baked things, monogrammed dish towels, Halloween scrapbooking supplies, homemade picture frames, and of course – CANDY!!!

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