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Ultimate Disaster or Ultimate Turtle?

October 29, 2009

Can you believe that this ~

ultimate turtle

Started out as this ~

big ol' fat mess

It did.

Captain Ahab had Moby Dick … I have the mini bundt pan.  Time after time, it stabs me in the heart, and time after time, I concoct a plan to overcome it’s sticky, cake-destructive ways.  Today was no different from the dozens of other times that she’s disappointed me, but today – instead of getting angry – I got even.

In the spirit of the cakeball, I spooned out the chocolatey cakey goodness and piled it up on the flat base (which separated very easily).  I started a ganache with cream, some of the new Starbuck’s instant coffee and couple of Hershey bars; then whipped it up with some confectioners sugar and a shot of Grand Marnier until it was just thin enough to run down the sides. 

Smelling delicious, but still looking a little lumpy, the lightbulb went off again.  Grabbed my caramel pot and a bag of Alabama pecans from the freezer, and threw together a buttery caramel sauce and loaded it up with the just toasted pecans.  It couldn’t cool fast enough, but once it did (just enough), I dropped tablespoons of it on top of the little mocha frosted mounds. 

The result was a delightful little dessert that looked almost as good as it tasted. 

I was thinking about throwing that pan out … but maybe, I’ll give it one more shot.

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  1. October 31, 2009 9:15 pm

    Are those actually called mini turtle cakes? Because that is ridiculously adorable. These were sounding amazing as they were but I think the caramel pecan stuff sends them over the top. They look delicious…definitely you: 1 mini-bundt tin: 0.

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